Short Sale

No one wants to have to go through foreclosure. Not only is it stressful in the short term, it can damage your credit for up to seven years. At Zippy Home Buyer, we specialize in finding non-traditional selling options like short sales.

If you’re experiencing especially hard times and are unable to pay the mortgage due to your special financial situation, a short sale may be a good option.

What is a short sale exactly? The process involves selling a house for less than the amount the seller owes the lender. Lenders agree to take a loss on the short sale to avoid the added costs of a foreclosure rather than trying to maintain and resell the property – which is more money and time on their part.

More importantly, short selling your house is an opportunity for you to sell your home and avoid foreclosure.

The window of opportunity to capitalize on a short sale isn’t long. If you’re behind on one or more of your mortgage payments, get in touch with Zippy Home Buyer soon so we can discuss your options.

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