Extensive Repairs

Is your house well-used, beaten up or just plain uninhabitable? If it’s seen better days and you’re struggling to keep up with the cost of repairs or feel it’s too far gone, Zippy Home Buyer will buy your house regardless of its condition.

Not all homeowners have the expertise, time or money to take on the gigantic project of fixing an ugly house. This makes selling your house a huge hurdle to overcome. Regardless of market conditions, buyers only see what’s in front of them – not the potential.

That means your house could sit on the MLS for months without an offer–maybe longer.

If the cost of your mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities is too much and you can’t afford to update your house, Zippy Home Buyer can help. We buy distressed, foreclosed or ugly Central Texas houses and take on the repairs so that you don’t have to.

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