Charities We Support

There’s something special about giving back to the communities where we live and serve.

This is why every time we sell a house we’ve recently purchased, we give a percentage of the profits back to a non-profit organization of our seller’s choice.

It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Zippy Home Buyer!

Here are a few of the charities we LOVE:

Accessible Housing Austin!
Nathan met Isabelle & Jennifer at the office in East Austin in August 2015. We at Zippy Home Buyer feel their work is very important for supporting and helping disabled and low income members of our community. Their work goes beyond their target groups and has a ripple effect of positive for our entire community because we all benefit from the value of having everyone in our community contribute to society.

Learn more:
ontact: Isabelle Headrick 512. 442.6680, ext. 1

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN)
Nathan met Kimberly at the Hope Family Thrift Store which is run by Austin Disaster Relief Network in August 2015. ADRN does a lot of work for disaster relief in Central Texas. The provide clothing, food and water, and even furniture to disaster victims. When things get crazy, ADRN is well equipped to handle hundreds of calls in their disaster relief call center. ADRN is part of a church network in the Greater Austin area that meets the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those affected by disaster.

Learn More:
Contact: Elizabeth Pitts 484-716-6885,

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition
Nathan met with Ana Yanez-Correa and Jennifer Weber in August 2015 at their office in South Austin. Zippy Home Buyer is committed to supporting TCJC because of their dedication to improve our justice system for the benefit of our society as a whole.

TCJC identifies and advances real solutions to the problems facing Texas’ juvenile and criminal justice systems. We conduct policy research and analysis, form effective partnerships, and educate key stakeholders to promote effective management, accountability, and best practices that increase public safety, save taxpayer dollars, and preserve human and civil rights.

For over a decade, TCJC has been working to lessen the devastating impact that many of Texas’ juvenile and criminal justice policies and practices have on families. We seek to identify alternatives to the unjust, overly punitive policies and practices that are contributing to high arrest and detention rates. We strive to address the root causes of behavior that drive youth and adults into Texas jails and prisons. And we support reentry services that lower the likelihood of re-offending and returning to confinement.

TCJC has 4 major projects, through which we conduct public education and outreach efforts in support of specific goals: (1) Solutions for Youth Justice; (2) Solutions for Pretrial, Defense & Innocence; (3) Solutions for Safely Reducing Incarceration; and (4) Solutions for Confinement & Reentry. Across projects, we identify target audiences at both state and local levels who have insight into the criminal and juvenile justice systems, whose experiences can inform change, and who are positioned to implement that change; we develop relevant persuasive messages in support of smart-on-crime policies and practices; we engage in collaborative efforts with key stakeholders to solicit input and create policy recommendations; we produce and disseminate public education materials that will reinforce smarter solutions in juvenile and criminal justice, including to supplement legislative interim studies; and we monitor the implementation of new policies and strategies.

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